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Suicide Resistant Sink/Vanity Combination - CCSN302


  • The suicide resistant vanity is made of 3/4" thick high-impact, polyethylene material. It is unbreakable and will not crack or bend under high abuse.
  • The suicide resistant faucet is now considered a LEED product and has met all Federal standards to be considered a Green product.
  • The vanity is held together with tamper-resistant screws and metal L-brackets. Because of its strength, there is no need for an additional bracket support for the sink component.
  • The vanity has built-in interior L-Brackets on its base and back side so that it can be fasten to the wall and floor securely.
  • The maintenance-plumbing access cover is held securely in place with tamper-resistant screws and cannot be open without the special driver
    that comes with each order

  • The countertop and faucet comes pre-assemble and is made of high impact solid surface material. The sink component is glued and fastens to the vanity so that it cannot be removed.
  • The countertop is tailored and contoured to the vanity to prevent damage.



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