Palladium 3D High Impact Wall Panel System
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Inpro Palladium 3D High Impact Wall Panel System

Inpro Palladium 3D High Impact Wall Panel System

Brand: Inpro Corporation


  • Ideal for high traffic areas, Palladium™ 3D provides a low-maintenance, high-end panel system for walls that coordinates with existing door and wall protection products for an integrated facility solution
  • Permanently mounted, Palladium 3D offers the durable protection of 0.40 rigid sheet membrane-pressed onto MDF board, withstanding daily abuse from wheelchairs, carts, luggage and more
  • Horizontal trim pieces have optional pre-cut notch for ease of installation over existing rigid sheet or other existing wall cladding
  • Class A fire rated ensures reliable, durable, long lasting wall protection
  • Offers variety of protection levels with different molding width, height and length options
  • Allows for design freedom with your choice of 100 standard colors, Global Colours, Elements patterns and vinyl Woodland wood grain patterns
  • Easy to install!


  • Standard thicknesses: 3/8" (vertical) and ½" (horizontal)
  • Standard lengths: 8'
  • Vertical/horizontal molding widths: 2", 3", 4", 6" or 8" (horizontal moldings are factory finished with beveled edges for end conditions)
  • MDF board is 100% pre-consumer recycled wood fiber, containing no added urea-formaldehyde or no urea-formaldehyde resin. LEED credit support for IEQ 4.4 low-emitting materials.



P-3DHTC2-XXXX Horizontal Top Cap Board - 2"

P-3DHTC3-XXXX Horizontal Top Cap Board - 3"

P-3DHTC4-XXXX Horizontal Top Cap Board - 4"

P-3DHTC6-XXXX Horizontal Top Cap Board - 6"

P-3DHTC8-XXXX Horizontal Top Cap Board - 8"   


P-3DHB2-XXXX Horizontal Boards - 2"

P-3DHB3-XXXX Horizontal Boards - 3"

P-3DHB4-XXXX Horizontal Boards - 4"

P-3DHB6-XXXX Horizontal Boards - 6"

P-3DHB8-XXXX Horizontal Boards - 8"   


P-3DVB2-XXXX Vertical Boards - 2"

P-3DVB3-XXXX Vertical Boards - 3"

P-3DVB4-XXXX Vertical Boards - 4"

P-3DVB6-XXXX Vertical Boards - 6"

P-3DVB8-XXXX Vertical Boards - 8"   


P-3DICP2-XXXX Inside Corner - Partial Height 2"

P-3DICP3-XXXX Inside Corner - Partial Height 3"

P-3DICP4-XXXX Inside Corner - Partial Height 4"

P-3DICP6-XXXX Inside Corner - Partial Height 6"

P-3DICP8-XXXX Inside Corner - Partial Height 8"   


P-3DICF2-XXXX Inside Corner - Full Height 2"

P-3DICF3-XXXX Inside Corner - Full Height 3"

P-3DICF4-XXXX Inside Corner - Full Height 4"

P-3DICF6-XXXX Inside Corner - Full Height 6"

P-3DICF8-XXXX Inside Corner - Full Height 8"   


P-3DOCP2-XXXX Outside Corner Partial Height - 2"

P-3DOCP3-XXXX Outside Corner Partial Height - 3"

P-3DOCP4-XXXX Outside Corner Partial Height - 4"

P-3DOCP6-XXXX Outside Corner Partial Height - 6"

P-3DOCP8-XXXX Outside Corner Partial Height - 8"   


P-3DOCF2-XXXX Outside Corner - Full Height 2"

P-3DOCF3-XXXX Outside Corner - Full Height 3"

P-3DOCF4-XXXX Outside Corner - Full Height 4"

P-3DOCF6-XXXX Outside Corner - Full Height 6"

P-3DOCF8-XXXX Outside Corner - Full Height 8"   


P-3DTC2-XXXX Trim Cap - 2"

P-3DTS2-XXXX Trim Shoe - 2"

Color Palettes

100 Standard Colors, Elements, Woodl

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