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BestCare Anti Ligature Toilet, Top Supply, On-Floor, CCS_WH2142-T Series

BestCare Anti Ligature Toilet, Top Supply, On-Floor, CCS_WH2142-T Series

Features: Siphon Jet type toilet with elongated bowl, configured for front mounted, on-floor installation. The toilet is fabricated with 16 gage 304 stainless steel with exterior surfaces powder coated white (interior of toilet will have a satin finish and will not be powder coated). The toilet is configured with a top spud to accommodate a Top Supply flush valve. To comply with Ligature-Resistant needs, an optional sloped top cover (box) with a Top Supply flush valve is available. This toilet is configured for a floor waste application measuring 10 or 12 inches from the wall. ADA Height and Replacement Toilet are also available. A ligature resistant ABS grey toilet seat is included.

CCS_WH2142-T-3-EGE10_10 - 10 Inch Rough
CCS_WH2142-T-3-EGE10_12 - 12 Inch Rough
CCS_WHR2142-T-3-EGE10_10 - Replacement/10 Inch Rough
CCS_WHR2142-T-3-EGE10_12 - Replacement/12 Inch Rough
CCS_WH2142ADA-T-3-EGE10_10 - ADA Height/10 Inch Rough
CCS_WH2142ADA-T-3-EGE10_12 - ADA Height/12 Inch Rough
CCS_WHR2142ADA-T-3-EGE10_10 - Replacement/ADA Height/10 Inch Rough
CCS_WHR2142ADA-T-3-EGE10_12 - Replacement/ADA Height/12 Inch Rough

Product Details

Material:  Stainless Steel
Brand:  BestCare
On-Floor/Floor Waste:  Available as Option
Top Supply:  Available as Option
Ligature Resistant:  Yes
Waste Location:  Floor
Certification(s):  UPC(GREEN)
Accessibility:  ADA Compliant (models available)
Toilet Seat:  Non-Lifting Ligature Resistant Grey ABS Plastic Toilet Seat Cover (included with toilet)

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