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Kingsway Toilet Roll Holder, CCSK-KG13

Kingsway Toilet Roll Holder, CCSK-KG13

The CCSK-KG13 recessed mounted dispenser allows for the safe dispensing of toilet rolls.  
It is made from high-grade stainless steel and is anti-ligature by design. The unit is supplied with security screws for installation.

Installation description
Mark out the location of the shelf on the wall Drill holes for screws provided, allowing for anchors to suit wall construction type.
Attach unit securely to the wall, additional tamper proof caulking can be applied around outer Flange.

Operation and Maintenance
Place a standard toilet roll so that it is locked into both dimples allowing the roll to rotate.

Periodically check for smooth function and lubricate when necessary with a dry graphite lubricant.

Should be cleaned as part of regular schedule using standard detergents or disinfectants, avoid acidic cleaners.

10 Year Guarantee*
*For faulty manufacture and not for damage

Architectural Specification
CCSK-KG13 Anti-ligature recessed toilet roll dispenser with security screws, designed to prevent ligature attachment or wedging.



Anti-ligature Disclaimer
Anti-ligature Disclaimer The anti-ligature design characteristics of this product are not intended to replace or substitute the need for necessary supervision of those who may be at risk, or for other necessary protective measures to be taken in the specifi¬c circumstances of usage. Kingsway Group, Inc. does not offer any products for sale as being "ligature-free" and will not be liable for any claims arising from ligature attachment on its products. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that products purchased and installed are suitable for the environments they are installed in.


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