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CCS TV Psychiatric Enclosure

CCS TV Psychiatric Enclosure

Whether you are considering protecting a newly mounted TV or, an existing one that has already been mounted, our uniquely patented enclosures are made to enclose a mounted TV. Other applications include those designed to enclose TV’s whether they are mounted in recessed areas, from the ceiling, on a table top or mobile stand.

Though they are not considered water-tight, we can seal the front corners by adding silicone to help prevent moisture from entering the system. Primarily, however, they are designed to prevent damage and unauthorized access to the TV or monitor. Security screws can be provided for authorized access. The enclosures DO NOT hinge open.

Based upon the size of the TV, we make the units slightly larger than the actual TV’s height, width and depth. The standard enclosure comes “backless” but, you will need to tell us how far the front of the TV projects from the wall – including mounting hardware specs and any additional distance created if the TV is tilted or, by simply providing us with the make and model number of the TV and mount, we will recommend the appropriate size.

Once we agree upon the dimensions and specifications, we then fabricate the properly-sized enclosure. Typically, we ship them unassembled. However, it takes just 8 screws to assemble the enclosure. Our enclosures feature rounded corners and rounded edges which not only have an aesthetic appearance but, also has the added benefit of preventing injury or “snagging” from sharp corners.

Our standard enclosure features dual cooling fans. The fans are powered by USB 5v power, either from a spare USB port on the TV by the 6’ USB cable we include or, they can also be run from the included iPhone-type USB wall charger. However, if the power supply is used, you may want to consider using a 'holiday' type plug with a remote to turn the cooling fans and / or the TV on or off.  

When the frame is anchored, it is recommended that the wall surface be either painted with a flat black paint or if paint is impractical, use black Duct Tape so the lightness of the wall will not show through from the front of the enclosure.

The top fan assembly has a PCB attached which provides the power for the fans. The USB cable is plugged into the PCB. A green LED illuminates to indicate the fans are running. A 5 x 20mm .5 amp fuse protects the fans.The front frame is then mounted when the sides along with the top and bottom pieces have been installed. Specifications: Frame: 1” quarter round black anodized aluminum extrusions with two ¼” slots. Deflection curves available if necessary.

Corners: Cast aluminum corners with three holes for ¼ x 20 button head cap screws…plastic cap to completely cover the corners and screws are included; use is optional.

Mounting Feet: Molded black plastic, typically 4 or 6 feet depending on size; the quantity is a customer option.

Frame Screws: ¼ x 20 x ¾” button head black oxide cap screws. Pin in Torx security screws are optional.

Top/Bottom/Sides Material: .220” thick black hair cell ABS (Polycarbonate is optional)

Front: .220” thick optical grade acrylic (Polycarbonate is optional) Fans: Two 5v cooling fans are included, size varies based on the depth of the unit, all fans provide adequate cooling for the TV.

Power: We use a 120v – 5v iPhone-type wall charger rated at Input 120V .15A; Output 5DC .1A. Or the fans can be powered by a USB port on the TV.

Fuse: 5x20mm .5A 250V Security: The fans can be mounted with security screws, we use Torx style with the center pin. Enclosures are warranted for one year from date of manufacture for material and quality defects. Scratches to the plastic panels after installation are not included. We will replace broken or defective materials, which does not include the labor to replace the materials at the installation.

Cleaning the TV Armor Enclosure: The continued optical clarity of the TV Enclosure depends on how you care for it. The TV Enclosure should be cleaned with clean, lukewarm water or a good plastic cleaner and a micro fiber cloth. DO NOT use window cleaning products that contain ammonia or alcohol as they will haze the TV Enclosure over time. DO NOT use any paper products to clean the screen as they will scratch the plastic. We sell and recommend Brillianize plastic cleaner. 



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