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Intersan by Wallgate Behavioral Healthcare Toilet, CCS_ICWC-156-AST

Intersan by Wallgate Behavioral Healthcare Toilet, CCS_ICWC-156-AST

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  • Ligature resistant design

  • Integral toilet seat

  • Normalizes the environment

  • Dark grey integral seat

  • Heavy duty solid surface

  • Highly vandal resistant

  • Hygienic and easily cleaned

  • Through the wall and/or floor mounted



  • The CWC-156-AST is a ligature and vandal resistant solid surface back-to-wall toilet. It is designed for hidden activations and is intended for either through wall installation or front-off-wall installation.

  • The toilet is designed with a non-moving integral ligature resistant dark grey toilet seat that enhances a normalized environment.

  • There is adequate room in the rear of the toilet to accommodate a 90º pan connector to connect to a floor drain. As an alternate the toilet can be drained through the wall.

  • The CWC-156-AST is extremely tough, being made from the highest grade solid surface material. The CWC range of toilets has been used throughout secure environments for over 10 years.



  • The CWC-156-AST toilet is designed for up 1.58 gallon flushes.

  • The CWC-156-AST is compatible with all flush methods and can be activated by mechanical, electronic, pneumatic or infrared methods.

  • Flush control is most effectively managed by Intersan’s range of Wallgate’s WDCA of electronic controllers which include dual flush, timed flow and lockout programs, enabling maximum contribution to LEED credits.



  • Toilet

  • Straight waste adaptor

  • 90° waste adaptor

  • Inlet seal

  • Mounting hardware (for wall and floor)


Technical Specifications

  • Drain size: 4”.

  • Flush pipe inlet: 1 1/2” pipe and seal.

  • ISO EN 19712-3-2007 rated 5 for durability, stain resistance, cigarette burns, etc.

  • Weight: 150 lbs.

  • Color toilet bowl: white, high polished

  • Color toilet seat: dark grey, high polished

  • Use of flush valve by others: requires a water flow between 0.48 and 0.52 gal/sec

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