Cape Cod Systems: Order the BestCare® by Whitehall ligature resistant dual temperature sensor activated hands free faucet from Whitehall Manufacturing - 4 inch centerset.  We have a large variety of suicide safe faucets.
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BestCare® by Whitehall Ligature Resistant Dual Temperature Sensor Activated hands free Faucet - 4 Inch Centerset - CSS-wh3375-hc-so


bestcare faucets

This hands free triangular faucet from Whitehall Manufacturing limits users from using the product as a ligature device. The faucet features sensors on left side for tempered and right side for cold. A dual temperature solenoid valve is also supplied.

  • Ligature-resistant
  • Hands Free
  • Helps with infection prevention
  • Heavy duty chrome plated cast bronze
  • Low flow 0.5 Gallon (1.89 Liters) per Minute
  • Neoperl® spray nozzle for easy replacement
  • Faucet is factory set to 10-second maximum run time, can be adjusted
  • 4 inch (101.6 mm) centerset
  • ADA compliant

Product Info:

This touchless faucet is recommended for patient bathrooms and facilities where at risk accommodations are a concern. The faucet is designed to retrofit onto existing 4 inch ( 101.6 mm) centerset lavatory decks with 3-hole openings. The faucets also comply to ADA necessities.

wh3375-hc-so faucet

This product is designed to decrease the probability that it may be utilized as an apparatus for ligature. It is not a replacement for professionals who are trained in the proper evaluation, management and supervision of persons at risk of suicide.
Please check with local ADA requirements. ADA compliance is subject to proper installation (including devices such as grab bars for the basin) and the interpretations of the local code authority.


The faucet features a chrome plated cast bronze body. The faucet features sensors on left side for tempered and right side for cold. includes dual flat piezo buttons. Colored push buttons are provided as alternative activation.

Neopearl® Spray nozzle is non-splashing, non-aerated multi-stream laminar with a 0.5 gallon (3.75 liter) perm minute flow rate. It is easlly replaceable.

Valve is 9 Volt DC dual temperature solenoid operation. It is ADA compliant. Valve is factory set at a maximum 10 seconds. This is adjustable. The solenoid valve can be remotely located up to 10 feet (3.05 meters) from the operating push button.

SKU for includes
ccs-WH3375-HC-SO Basin by Others Plug in AC Transformer; solenoid valve manifold
ccs-WH3375-HC-SO-BAT Basin by Others DC 9 Volt Battery; solenoid valve manifold
ccs-WH3375L-HC-SO Whitehall Basin Plug in AC Transformer; configuration of the manifold for the solenoid may differ from photo
ccs-WH3375L-HC-SO-BAT Whitehall Basin DC 9 Volt Battery; configuration of the manifold for the solenoid may differ from photo


Accesssories/options include:


1/2” NPT ASSE 1070 Compliant Hot & Cold, Temperature / Pressure Balancing Mixing Valve
Other options may be available see Options List and/or Submittal.

Product Details

  •     Brand:  BestCare®
  •     Material:  Lead-Free Brass
  •     Faucet Centerset Spacing:  Fixed, 4"
  •     Accessibility:  ADA Compliant
  •     Ligature Resistant:  Yes
  •     Valve Type:  Hot (Tempered) & Cold, Electronic
  •     Activation Button Type:  Sensor Activated (electronic)
  •     Lead Free:  Yes



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