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The Door Switch Security Door

Of the 1500 suicides committed annually while inpatient, The Joint Commission fnds... “In 75% of the cases, the method of suicide was a hanging in a bathroom, bedroom or closet.”
• Improves Supervision & Response Time
• Offers a Concealed Low-Profile Design
• 24/7 Continuous Monitoring System
• Affords Enhanced Dignity and Respect
• Time-Stamped Response Monitoring

The following are facts about The Door Switch


  • The Door Switch was invented by an engineer and behavioral healthcare facility manager with experience managing multiple facilities.
  • The Door Switch utilizes proven Honeywell electronic components, including the Honeywell Vista 128BPT panel as the controller.
  • The Door Switch holds U.S. Patents RE 42,991 and RE 44,039.
  • Each Door Switch is a pressure sensor activated by approximately one to two pounds of downward pressure applied to the top rather than the face (side) of the door.  With system activation at the top of the door, ligature devices applied from either side of the door result in system alerts.
  • The system control panel provides an event log that records the times and dates of 512 events.  Logged events can be viewed from the keypad or downloaded to a computer and printed.  The controller records the following events:
    • The application of pressure to a Door Switch such as when a patient attempts self-harm using a ligature device placed over the top of the door.
    • The release of pressure as when a patient who has hung him or herself has been removed from the door.
    • The turning of the key switch, which is performed to silence the audible alarm.  (A key switch must be turned at the room where the event occurred in order to silence the alarm).
  • The system is versatile and accommodates the addition of more doors at a later date.
  • The Door Switch has been approved by the New York State Office of Mental Health for use in mental health facilities regulated by that organization.
  • The Door Switch is listed in the FGI guidelines (NAPHS use to house this guideline).
  • The Door Switch meets Principal #3 of the VA guidelines.
  • The system offers a 24/7 components and continuity test.  (identify system faults)


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