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ModuForm, Seclusion Bed - CCS-MF450-11 - Secure

ModuForm, Seclusion Bed - CCS-MF450-11 - Secure

In circumstances where seclusion or restraint become necessary, ModuForm’s seclusion beds have been designed with consideration for both patient and staff safety. Beds were engineered to comply with Life Safety Codes, withstand constant heavy-use and severe handling, prevent serious injury and be easily cleaned and maintained to help in the fight of harmful bacteria and bloodborne pathogens. There are no frames, no springs, no seams, no puddling of material and no hard surfaces. The union of the one-piece, integral shaped high density foam core fused to the 200 mil polyvinyl skin enables each piece to meet the needs of uncompromising environments. Impervious to fluids, the seamless, pick and puncture resistant polyvinyl skin is mechanically fastened and gasketed to a rotationally molded, high-impact polyethylene base. Anchoring kits can be ordered that allow for maintainers to quickly detach the unit for cleaning. Secure 450-11 beds feature 10 restraint rings per bed. Weighing more than 200 pounds, it’s simple, durable, dependable and safe design make it the leader seclusion room solutions.


  • High-impact, abuse resistant black plinth base with full perimeter gasket.
  • Rotationally molded vinyl is pick, puncture and scratch resistant.
  • Seamless design repels fluids and is easily cleaned.
  • Flexible foam bonds to the interior wall making it very durable.
  • 10 Restraint rings per bed – 5 each side. Fully secure and connected in the core.
  • Vinyl is 200 mil thick.
  • The seclusion bed is bulky and difficult to pick up.
  • Exterior skin features leather texture for comfort.
  • All molded products clean easily with a damp cloth and mild detergent.
  • Steam cleaning does not harm the product.
  • Seating can be sanitized with bleach-based cleaners and heavy strength disinfectants to aid in the control of harmful bacteria and blood borne pathogens.

80"d / 30"w / 14"h


Floor mounting hardware

moduform MF450-11moduform MF450-11moduform MF450-11

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