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Cape Cod Systems provides top quality products for detox, drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers all over the country. A main concern for anyone responsible for outfitting such facilities is keeping patients, staff and visitors safe and comfortable. On our site you will find a large number of products that are ligature resistant. We supply items such as washroom accessories,sinks, basins, faucets, grab bars, mirrors shower heads, toilets, valves and more.

Every product line that we represent is carefully selected to be among the best available. IN our online catalog, you will find products that are tried and true.

We are dedicated to providing the best products for the changing needs of detox centers, small and large in our region and all over the country.

In addition to safety, we are also concious of appearance and upkeep of your healthcare spaces. Our manufacturers and their lines of healthcare products have been carefully chosen to create aesthetic healing environments that are also functional, safe and efficient to maintain. We feel that a comfortable and pleasuarable environment is promotes the best patient outcome.

Detox and Drug Rehabilitation Centers: Applications and Popular Products

  • Suicide Resistant Basins
  • Suicide Resistant Faucets
  • Suicide resistant Clothes Hooks
  • Suicide Resistant Grab Bars
  • Suicide Resistant Hand Dryers
  • Suicide Resistant Lights and Lenses
  • Suicide Resistant Soap Dispensers
  • Suicide Resistant Washroom Accessories
  • Privacy Brak-a-way Curtains
  • Accurate Crescent Handle Locks

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