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Suicide Resistant Faucets


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Suicide Resistant Faucet Contractor's Specification Sheet For 4" Suicide Resistant Faucet

Ligature Resistant Faucet The suicide Resistant 4" spread faucet is basically a Chicago meter type faucet that is encase in Corian material. It is designed so that a patient cannot tied anything to it and use it as a hanging point. The fixture sits on the top of sink and the rear of the faucet extends to either the backsplash or the wall.

The faucet is 8" wide, 3" high and approximately 8" long depending on the distance to the wall or backsplash. It weighs approximately 8 lbs and is attached to the sink by two threaded nuts around the water inlet pipes. The faucet can be cast in white, almond or several stone looking textures. The water duration can be set from 8-20 seconds.

Suicide Resistant Faucets Ligature Resistant Faucets Note: To perform maintenance or change water duration , an "Allen" is inserted in the notch located near each push-handle.

Suicide Resistant Faucet - Ordering Worksheet
Prior to shipping your order of suicide resistant faucets, we need the following information to ensure they properly fit your existing patient sinks.

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Suicide Resistant Faucet Installation 1
Suicide Resistant Faucet Installation 2

Please measure the distance from the centerline of the hole to backsplash or wall?

4) Note: please note if not all sinks are the same, break down the information by quantity. Describe if the pedestal the faucet will mount to : flat or irregular sloping.
Suicide Resistant Faucet Installation 3
Suicide Resistant Faucet Installation 4
In the corner where the backsplash or wall meets, is the corner round or square 90 degrees? If round, use scale below and list size.

To measure the radius curve, cut this scale from the page starting at the 2" radius scale mark. Place the scale in the corner of your backsplash. If the 2" radius is too big, trim it down to the 1-3/4" scale. Repeat this process until the radius fits your back-splash's radius, Note: Always start with the larger radius first and work to smaller scale.

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